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In Loving Memory


Church bulletin


Dear St. Joseph's CWL Members, Thank you so much for your generous donation again this Christmas. Not only do your members provide financial help, but we see many of you week in and week out at our Food bank. What more could we ask for? With your help we were able to provide over 150 families with a Christmas hamper and toys and gifts. May 2023 be a year filled with many blessings for You All. Your truly, Jim Hogan President - St. Vincent de Paul St. Joseph's Bowmanville

St. Vincent de Paul


Hope this will suffice as our thanks. Glad we can give to our people. Fr. F.



Thank you so much for this generous donation to our graduates. We will determine two very deserving female students for the award. We appreciate your ongoing support of our students at St. Stephen. Kind regards, Trevor Poechman

St. Stephen's SS -Graduating Class of: 2023


Members of the CWL Your mass card to celebrate Joan's life is deepy appreciated. It's easy to say thank you, but it's harder to convey the heartfelt gratitude felt today. Your thoughtfulness means more than words can ever say. We would also like to thank you very much for the lovely luncheon you put on for mom's funderal. She loved your group of special women!! I imagine it was hard to serve on such a sad day. With sincere thanks, The Tax family

Joan Tax's Family


Dear Ladies of St. Joseph CWL, On behalf of the 50th Anniversary Committee of Council 6361 Conribution to our Celebration by decorating the hall, providing the table cloths and washing them. It was very kind and generous of you to do so. The Council is very appreciative of your donation. Sincerely, Kas Watroba Grand Knight Council 6361, Bowmanville On Tel: 705-607-6467 email:

Knights of Columbus


I've been looking forward to this outing since you advertised it, Thank you, Mary Fitzgerald

Mary Fitzgerald


As president of Catholic Missions In Canada, I express my gratitude to the CWL., ST. Joseph's Council's gift in the amount of $100.00. The philanthrope nature of your institution is much appreciated and we thank you for thinking of us. The CWL, St. Joseph's Council is a valuable friend of CMIC and its stakeholders in Canadian mission dioceses and eparchies. Through this support, CMIC allocats between $4-5M each year to sustain missionaries, repair and maintain buildings and properties, train lay leaders, provide sacramental preparation and educate seminarians. Without the help of our donors, the programs would faulter. Please thank your Board on our behalf for their support of the missionary efforts to keep the Catholic faith alive in remote regions of Canada. May God bless you and reward you. Yours in Christ, Rev. David Reilander President

Catholic Missions In Canada


Your kind expression of sympathy is deeply appreciated and gratefully acknowledged by the family of Helen Connolly. Thank you to CWL, for Mass card, Honour Guard and Luncheon Friday March 24 on behalf of Helen. From Alfred & family

Alfred & Family

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