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22 MARCH 2023

Please visit the Government of Ontario, Covid-19 site

for links to the most current information 

Click here to link to the main official government site.

It is strongly recommended that masks be worn in doors, by those of us with respiratory challenges and our elder members and most importantly by those of us who have symptoms yet still wish to attend indoor functions.

This is an effort to decrease the number of children suffering from various RSV at our local hospitals, decrease overall infection and deaths.

Be aware that you can contract various strains of covid multiple times.

Thankfully most of our elder members have had a minimum of five (5) vaccinations, so the impact and symptoms are much less severe.

Our elderly and compromised members, sometimes require PAXLOVID to overcome the disease.

Please be careful out there and where your mask to ensure your safety and comfort.

  • Check that sign of symptoms. If you answer YES to any of these symptoms then you should remain home

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