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Baby G.

Canadian Bishops Apology and $30M National Financial Pledge to Support Healing and Reconciliation initiatives

CWL General Meetings - Hybrid

Next In person / hybrid meeting on Tuesday, March  21, 2023 and will be held in the basement hall of St. Joseph Catholic Church.  The In-person meetings are subject to covid restrictions.  As of May, 2022 - restrictions have been lifted, masks are optional for in-person and indoor meetings and gatherings.  We can now have eats and drinks at our tables during our meetings.   

*If you are sick with any symptoms, please do not attend in-person. You have the option to join us on-line.

2023 - Membership Fee increase

Membership increase starting January 2023 to a minimum of $35 provided the other fees are not increased.  This is due to the increase in National fees from $13 to $25.  Any increase to the other fees will be advised when notified.  

As part of the 'INSTRUCTED VOTE' All issues passed including the National Admin Fee increase to $25.00


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