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St. Joseph Catholic Church Bowmanville - Celebrating its 90th Anniversary

On Sunday September 10th, 2023 at 10:30 AM, at the Memorial Park, we celebrated the 90th Anniversary of St. Joseph Catholic Church.

The celebration started with the Mass said by Fr. Craig and Fr. Darlington, and lead by our Bishop Miehm, who presided over the First Communion and Confirmation recipients.

The choir was in attendance and the crowd especial enjoyed the 'Amazing Grace', and we all had the  delightful pleasure  of listening to the duet by Fr. Paul and Kelly.

Members of our church Ministries which includes our Filipino and Nigerian Communities, the Catholic Women's League, and Knights of Columbus, all participated and made this a successful celebration.

The children had lots of fun playing Games, on Scavenger hunts, Fishing for prizes, running races and had the most funon the bouncy castle and the playground. Every child had fun picking prizes from the treasure chest and winning toys. 

There was a LIVE Band, BBQ, sandwiches, lots of food and drinks for everyone until it all wound down at 2:30pm.


  Fr. Craig, Fr. Darlington, the staff and members who made this FUN and memorable for everyone!

Canadian Bishops Apology and $30M National Financial Pledge to Support Healing and Reconciliation initiatives

CWL General Meetings - Hybrid

Next In person / hybrid meeting on Tuesday, June 20, 2023 and will be held in the basement hall of St. Joseph Catholic Church.  This June meeting is really just a PARTY!!!  Summer beach party theme. The In-person meetings are subject to covid restrictions.  As of May, 2022 - restrictions have been lifted, masks are optional for in-person and indoor meetings and gatherings.  We can now have eats and drinks at our tables during our meetings.   

*If you are sick with any symptoms, please do not attend in-person. You have the option to join us on-line.

2023 - Membership Fee increase

Membership increase starting January 2023 to a minimum of $35 provided the other fees are not increased.  This is due to the increase in National fees from $13 to $25.  Any increase to the other fees will be advised when notified.  

As part of the 'INSTRUCTED VOTE' All issues passed including the National Admin Fee increase to $25.00


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